• VIA University gave me the chance to pursue the hands-on career I’ve always wanted.

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Hello & welcome

Are you ready to make a lifelong career of appliance repair? We’re here to help. We have the right skills and tools to ensure you begin your career as one of the best trained service professionals out there today. All of our graduates will have completed hands on courses as well as multiple ride-along days with our experienced technicians. You’ll already know what it’s like to walk into a customer’s home and do a repair start to finish.

We’re ready, are you?

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What we can do for you

Mentorship & Teaching

We have technicians with decades of experience working round the clock to support your learning.

Know Your Tools

We will teach you how to use all the tools of the industry and we’ll help you select your own on-the-road kit with everything you’ll need.

Learning Environment

We have an in house training room, with several different units for you to get hands on experience with before ever hitting the road.

Tech to Succeed

We’re invested in your learning and want to ensure you have the best experience. This is why we provide you with your very own laptop for the duration of the program.

Work/Life balance

We know how important your home lives are and we provide the training schedule ahead of time, so you’ll always know what you’re doing weeks in advance.

So Much More...

Our program has so much more to offer than what just a website can explain. Please come to our free information session to meet your future instructors and team members and ask any questions you may have!

You should also know…

There is no requirement to use your newfound skills working with Via Appliance Repair. We are happy to train technicians who work for other companies or who wish to work for themselves. There is more than enough business in the industry to go around! If you are a business and have any questions about sending your technicians to our classes, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to discuss group rates or tailor our program to your business needs.

Get in touch now

Please come to our next information session and see what our program has to offer. Your lead instructor will be there to ask any questions, and we’ll have a VIA University alum to give you the tech-in-training side of the experience. We’d love to see you there!